Elias and Sean grew up together overseas before studying engineering in Germany and the US respectively. Breadcrumbs is their weekly chat about things past, present, and future.

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09: Is YouTubed a Word?


After half a show of follow up about the Apple event and other things, Sean and EJ talk about YouTube channels, videos, and TED Talks.

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08: That Pasta You Have There Is Actually Rubbish


Sean and EJ discuss understanding and valuing quality. Topics range from things they fuss about—from coffee to audio to airlines—to the more philosophical thoughts and the question of whether appreciating quality is a blessing or a curse.

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07: Fast Forward Into the Self-Driving Future


Sean and EJ talk self-driving cars – from the tech to the ethics – culminating in a years-long wager. In the aftershow, Sean tries a new podcast client.

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06: The Ideal Phone Is One Brick


(Almost) live from the scene – by which we mean recorded and released within hours of the Apple event – Sean and EJ discuss Apple's announcement of the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2.

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05: I Put It on the Table and It Automatically Gets Done


In this sequel to the productivity episode, Sean and EJ talk about task management, covering Getting Things Done and other systems they have used. Things get heated when the topic of snoozing email comes up.

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04: I Am a Clipboard Guy


Sean and EJ talk about productivity - from their physical workspaces to how they use their iPads Pro and Macs.

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03: Trained Like Jason Bourne but Verbally


The episode in which two nerds talk into microphones about communicating as introverts.

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02: The Added Feature of Very Sticky Keys


Sean and EJ take another walk down memory lane, this time remembering dialup, VCRs, and other technologies of yore.

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01: Sitting Around the Table Drinking Soylent


In this inaugural episode, Sean and EJ discuss food and eating habits, both growing up and now.

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