Elias and Sean grew up together overseas before studying engineering in Germany and the US respectively. Breadcrumbs is their weekly chat about things past, present, and future.

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40: The Smart Person Pastime


Elias and Sean talk about Neuralink, being optimistic or pessimistic about future technology, the erosion of skills over time, and how we view our current world and culture in relation to the past.

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39: Subliminal Incentive Structures


Elias and Sean talk about the reasonable and the unreasonable person, ethical issues in the progress of society, and a lot about Uber.

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38: Colosseum VR


Elias tells Sean about his weekend trip to Rome, and they discuss Ancient Rome, its influence, and some of its high and low points.

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37: The Solidarity Machine


Elias and Sean set out to talk about the progress of the human race through history, and its good and bad effects. They end up going down tangents within tangents and talking a lot about privilege from the perspective of two white guys in the West.

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36: The Desert Island Scenario


Elias and Sean look at pictures of animals and then discuss the power of thoughts to affect disposition, covering the whole spectrum from the Favone™ to pet peeves to things that make them rage. In the aftershow, Elias reworks his time tracking workflows.

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35: Tangentially Mathematical


With Elias at Úll again, he and Sean discuss emoji, the difference between being interested in things and actually doing them, side projects as work, and looking to the future.

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Dessert 01: Alto's Adventure


Less substantial than a normal episode, but maybe sweeter, this is the first "Dessert" episode of Breadcrumbs, in which Elias and Sean somehow turn Alto's Adventure into a competitive game.

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34: We Can't Do Math With Sheep and Goats


Elias and Sean talk about capitalism, the necessity of trade, and placing a value on things and people. They also find the weird side of Amazon.

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33: Push to Add Drama


Elias and Sean discuss marketing—from what makes good or bad marketing to brand advertising and guerrilla marketing. Elias has some opinions.

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32: Speaking as Benjamin Franklin


Elias and Sean discover which historical creative people they are and then talk about sleep schedules and daily routines.

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