Elias and Sean grew up together overseas before studying engineering in Germany and the US respectively. Breadcrumbs is their weekly chat about things past, present, and future.

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29: Diversifying Legacy Passwords


In a sequel to the privacy discussion, Elias and Sean discuss trusting corporations with data and personal privacy and security practices.

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28: I Love Some Clever Lawyers


Elias and Sean take on the topic of security versus privacy, from the Apple-FBI showdown to Snowden's email and national security letters – how much access the government should be given to their citizens' lives, and what it means when they go too far.

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27: Some Funky Drone Show


Elias and Sean talk about the Super Bowl—from American football to Lady Gaga to Budweiser—and then talk a bit about following sports in general.

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26: The Long-Windestest Ever


Elias and Sean talk about books—ebooks versus paper, Kindle versus iBooks, highlights and marginalia, and audiobooks. Plus an aside on podcasts in which Elias may have been talked into switching podcast apps.

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25: The Guy We Went to for Worms


This week, Elias and Sean talk about video games on a variety of console/computer/handheld systems—starting with games they grew up with, and then talking about what they're playing now.

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24: Hamster Buying


Elias quizzes Sean about cultural norms in the US and compares them to sometimes similar but often very different expectations in German culture.

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23: It's a Lot More Effective to Be Mean


Elias gets his AirPods, while Sean's been testing them for about a week now. They briefly look back at the announcement of the original iPhone ten years ago, and then they settle in for a discussion of board and card games. Elias goes on an adventure.

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22: A Guy Who Needs a Lot of Crutches


Sean gets home from traveling and gets a package, Elias publishes a thing, and they talk about New Year's resolutions – as a concept, and some of their own hopes and ambitions going into the new year.

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21: Five Candles and a Color Scheme


Sean and Elias talk about Christmas traditions growing up, getting strangely fixated on advent wreaths and potato salad. In the aftershow, they talk about time management systems.

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20: Programming-Adjacent Language


In perhaps the quintessential Breadcrumbs episode, Sean and Elias talk about where they've come from and where they hope to go with a creative-yet-technical topic, in this case programming. Recorded in September.

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