Elias and Sean grew up together overseas before studying engineering in Germany and the US respectively. Breadcrumbs is their weekly chat about things past, present, and future.

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98: As Predictable as a Listicle


Another week, another location for Elias. He and Sean discuss travel planning, looking forward to things, and the joy of serendipity. Sean finally has some updates to share.

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97: Pollo Jalfrezi


This week Elias records from Santiago between his hike on the Camino and his cycling trip into Portugal.

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96: Full-on Luxury Hike


Elias continues his travels, recording this week from the Camino de Santiago.

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95: Frankensteinian Cable Setup


On the first day of Elias’s eight weeks off, he and Sean reflect on the past six months in relation to their “yearly” themes and look ahead to the next six.

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94: Psychological Spanner in the Works


In another meandering show, Elias and Sean discuss Elias’s presentation and exhibition, life after his thesis, apartments, and the World Cup.

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93: Our Hero, the German National Football Team


The night before Elias’s presentation, he gives an update on preparing for that and his coming exhibition; Sean gives an update on settling in (there’s not much to say); and Elias recounts the heroic tale of Germany’s victory against Sweden.

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92: Make These Pink Balloons Happen


Elias has been following the World Cup; Sean has been aware that it’s happening. They discuss expectations in sports and in the workplace and how expectations affect performance.

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91: Literal Stretch Goal


A day after Sean’s move and in anticipation of Elias’s later this year, the two discuss the typical reasons for moving and their own, how moving is different as an adult, and the battle between the effort involved and their complacency.

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90: Ahoy Telephone, Publish the Show


Elias and Sean bring back the chess clock to talk about Apple’s WWDC Keynote, iOS 12, watchOS 5, and macOS Mojave. Oh yeah, also tvOS.

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89: Allergic to Paper


Elias and Sean discuss their enjoyment of writing (or lack thereof) and to what degree they see more writing in their future.

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