Elias and Sean grew up together overseas before studying engineering in Germany and the US respectively. Breadcrumbs is their weekly chat about things past, present, and future.

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84: Turn Around and You See Mount Doom


Elias and Sean discuss hiking, why people enjoy it or don’t, and the role of current and future technology in spending time outdoors.

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83: A Whole Slew of Guinea Pigs


Elias and Sean discuss their personal histories with pets. In the aftershow, they briefly cover self-driving car fatalities, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, and current podcast listening.

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82: Money and Time Sinks That Bring Us Joy


Elias and Sean talk about the history of owning pets and why people choose to have animals that live with them.

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81: Todo Dispenser


In this thrilling conclusion to the todo app trilogy: Elias and Sean remember the most productive times of their lives, dive into the problems these apps need to address, and share the most important thing they’ve learned over the years.

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80: Hypothetical Discipline Game App


In the second part of the task management design trilogy, Elias and Sean discuss gamification, motivation, and discipline. Elias gets really excited about an idea.

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79: Do Date


Elias and Sean begin a three-part series in which they attempt to design their own task management system. (Spoiler: they never really do.)

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78: All the Pies I Have Fingers In


Elias and Sean briefly discuss feeling on top of things and how that might be different from others’ perception, and then dive into Sean’s latest changes to his task management system.

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77: RIP MuffinWorks


Elias is shutting down MuffinWorks, so he and Sean talk about starting and retiring public side projects and the pressure that comes with putting oneself out there on the internet.

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76: Carpenter Frills


Continuing the fashion topic, Elias and Sean talk about favorite shirts, making decisions about what to buy and wear, and how many pairs of shoes they own.

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75: Topography of the Suit


Elias and Sean discuss fashion – what and why it is, and how it relates to topics they know a bit more about, like tech and industrial design.

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